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Current Utilities now offers Continuous Service Agreements for Apartments

Apartment Electric Services – Continuous Service Agreements

Residential Customers:

If you are looking for Electric Service for your new apartment and you are a residential customer, please see our page for Residential Customers.

Apartment Complexes.

Current Utilities has been working with a Retail Electric Provider to figure out how to help your apartment complex save money on its electrical usage. We can also help you to get a great Continuous Service agreement.

The agreement allows your complex to turn on and turn off its units through a web portal. Instead of the phone,  a form or all the many ways that this has been done in the past a web portal makes things faster and easier.

This problem got us to thinking and what we found is a Retail Electric Provider who not only likes Continuous Service Agreements, but has built an intuitive online portal to make the process faster and far easier than before.

So how does a Current Utilities fit into this? Well we have worked out a plan with that Retail Electric Supplier to assist them with your customer service.

Instead of them doing all of it we will become your point of contact for your continuous service agreements. This way, we can further lower your rate.

So even if you are under a contract, we can see what we can do. We can even set you for a future start date so that you will be with us as soon as your current contract expires with your current continuous service agreements provider!

Let us provide you with Apartment Electric Services. For more information on continuous service agreements, please call Nina at 1 (281) 819-3661 or email her at [email protected].

Clarification on Continuous Service Agreements and their Uses:

A Continuous Service Agreement is a contract with a Retail Electric Provider that is used to turn on and turn off electricity in the apartments that are vacant.

So when a resident moves out, then your apartment complex would turn on power in the apartment complexes name for that unit to be able to clean it or show it.

Then when a new resident moves into that unit, they would get power in their name. This would automatically deactivate the power in your apartment’s name. This is why it is so important to ensure that the resident gets their own power.

The continuous service agreements are an essential part of Apartment Complexes ability to clean and service their apartments after the previous resident has moved out.   

-The Current Utilities Team! Continuous Service Agreements Division

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