Texas Electricity early termination penalty – when does it apply? Do I have to pay it?

Electricity early termination Penalty. Can I switch my Electricity Provider when I Move? Why is there an Early Termination Fee?

The short answer is, YES! When anyone in the deregulated areas of Texas moves, they are allowed, under the Public Utility Commission of Texas Law, to cancel their previous electricity supplier without any Early Termination Fee. They must provide a valid forwarding address. Here is the exact law! NO REP can charge you an electricity early termination penalty when you move.

“A contract is limited to service to a customer at a location specified in the contract. If the customer moves from the location, the customer is under no obligation to continue the contract at another location. The REP may require a customer to provide evidence that it is moving. There shall be no early termination fee assessed to the customer as a result of the customer’s relocation if the customer provides a forwarding address and, if required, reasonable evidence that the customer no longer occupies the location specified in the contract.” -PUCT Law
Chapter 25. SUBSTANTIVE RULES APPLICABLE TO ELECTRIC SERVICE PROVIDERS., Subchapter R. CUSTOMER PROTECTION, (c) General Retail Electric Provider requirements., (2) General contracting requirements., (C)

Why Should I consider Switching?

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