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Plan NameTermRate /kWh
*Beat the Heat 12+*
12-Month Fixed
*Refreshingly Green 12+*
12-Month Fixed
*Refreshingly Green 24+*
24-Month Fixed
*Deposit Saver 6+*
6-Month Fixed
*PAYG Online*
Prepaid Month to Month

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Some Information about Ruidosa.

This area has a large amount of sunshine year round due to its stable descending air and high pressure. According to the Köppen climate classification system, Ruidosa has a mild desert climate, abbreviated as BWn on climate maps.

According to the Handbook of Texas, the name translates as either “windy” or “noisy”. This either refers to the omnipresent wind or the sound of water falling over an irrigation dam.

The settlement was once a penal colony established by the Spanish in the 1820s. Prisoners were sent to the remote area to guard ranches in northern Chihuahua against Indian raids. The uninspired prisoners were so often on the losing side that the project was abandoned.

Much later, in 1872, an American named William Russell constructed ditches to irrigate a farm and a flour mill – a successful operation that prospered for thirty years.

As late as 1879 the farm was attacked by Mescalero Apaches resulting in four settlers killed and three wounded.

By 1914 the community had a post office and 100 citizens. Cotton was planted and a gin constructed. In the late 20s there were about 300 residents in the area. The gin closed in 1936 and by 1954 the post office discontinued mail delivery. In late 2004 the town consisted of a few buildings and was listed for sale.

[map]Ruidosa, Texas [/map]

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