Why Should you Use an Electric Broker

There are many reasons why a Broker is the best option for your electricity needs:

•   We have already read through the electricity contracts including all of the fine print to save you time and money. We will find you a safe contract with a good electricity rate (usually fixed) no gimmicks here!

•   We work for you; we offer customer protection to ensure you are always treated fairly and just. All of our contracts with the electricity providers are designed with the customers’ protection in mind.

•   We offer EXCELLENT customer service, no more calling directly to the electric provider if you need some help and waiting on hold for exhausting amounts of time. You’re busy aren’t you? Call us directly and save some time in your day.

•   We have negotiation power with the electric providers we work with; even if you are on a contract with a fixed rate, we often have the ability to negotiate to lower your electric rate mid contract.

•   If you need to transfer your lights to a new address with Current Utilities then this process only takes 10 minutes or less over the phone. We handle all the paperwork that you may otherwise have to email/fax into the Retail Electric Provider.

In some cases, when you transfer without the assistance of a Broker, you may have to pay a deposit or additional deposit, whereas with Current Utilities, we can get this waived*.
*in most cases

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