What Kind of Plans are available and what do I have?

Fixed Rate – A price per KWh that is contracted in for the term of the contract entered. Some REP’s have a clause in their contract that legally allows the price per KWh to be raised if that clause is executed.

Variable Rate (Month to Month)–  A price per KWh that is not guaranteed by a contract, as in a month to month rate. This rate is subject to the energy market or up to the REP. It can go up as high as the REP wishes or go down. This is a very risky energy situation for the consumer.

Prepaid (Month to Month) – Prepaid is a relatively new type of plan. It is a variation of Month to Month as the rate is not fixed. Customers pay for their electricity in advance and they reload their account as they need. This is a good choice for some customers but may not be for everyone.

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