Electricity Facts Label

An information sheet required by the PUC that provides customers with standardized information on a Retail Electric Provider’s prices, contracts, sources of power generation and emissions. It allows customers to make an “apples-to-apples” comparison of Retail Electric Provider offers. This is normally given in 500KWh, 1000KWh and 2000KWh figures.


Removal or relaxation of regulations or controls governing a business or service operation like utilities.


Adding charges to a bill without a customer’s approval. This practice is illegal and penalties are enforced by the PUC

Affiliated Retail Electric Provider

The Affiliate Retail Electric Provider was part of the original electric company that generated and sold electricity in your area. Now, the Affiliate Retail Electric Provider only sells electricity and provides customer service. It does not operate or maintain distribution and transmission wires.


Aggregator – An entity registered with the Public Utility Commission that brings together a group of customers to buy electricity in bulk. Aggregators were set up by the PUCT (see definition below) to assist customers with their energy needs and help customers find a lower rate amongst the different Retail Electric choices. Aggregators utilize the bulk group of customers to leverage the REP (see definition below) to produce safer and cheaper rates by joining customers together into a “single purchasing unit”. Current Utilities is not a licensed aggregator, however Tremcor Energy was a licensed Aggregator and had been since 2003. The PUC does not allow aggregators access to their customer status in ERCOT. Aggregators are the only licensed players by the PUC that do not have access o ERCOT which has resulted in aggregation in Texas becoming a dismal failure.

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