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Are you a manager or leasing agent working in the great big state of Texas?

Well, we are interested in working with you and your fellow co-workers at your apartment.

We have asked the CEO’s 6 year old daughter to create this video to explain how to work with Current Utilities.

Why refer your residents to a broker instead of directly to an electricity provider?

We are Current Utilities and we are a broker for electricity services for the state of Texas, we are not an individual electricity provider like some of the big name Retail Electric Providers you have heard of such as TXU, Green Mountain, Reliant Energy, Ambit Energy, Bounce Energy, Direct Energy, just to name a few. The amount of providers in Texas may just seem like an endless and overwhelming list to confront when your tenants are trying to find an energy provider.

Moving is time consuming and who the heck has the extra time with today’s fast paced society to spend the time and go through the effort of calling and researching all of these energy providers and reading all of the contracts and the fine print to make sure they are REALLY getting a good contract and a good energy company? We can answer that question for you, Current Utilities’ does. After all this is what we do!

Here are some of the benefits to using a broker that your residents can look forward to:

•   We have already read through the electricity contracts including all of the fine print to save your tenants time and money. We will find them a safe contract with a good electricity rate (usually fixed) no gimmicks here!
•   We work for your residents; we offer customer protection to ensure they are always treated fairly and just. All of our contracts with the electricity providers are designed with the customers’ protection in mind.
•   We offer EXCELLENT customer service, no more calling directly to the electric provider if your residents need some help and waiting on hold for exhausting amounts of time. They’re busy aren’t they? They can call us directly and save some time in their day.
•   We have negotiation power with the electric providers we work with; even if your residents are on a contract with a fixed rate, we often have the ability to negotiate to lower their electric rate mid contract.

Getting started on a referral program with Current Utilities and the benefits for you:

Current Utilities began this program because we realized there was a problem with residents being able to easily and efficiently obtain electricity services when moving and the headaches that it caused the leasing agents and manager, not to mention your residents. So what are the benefits you will experience when getting started on a referral program with Current Utilities?
• You will earn commissions for your referrals that you send to Current Utilities for help with finding their new electricity provider; you will receive a commission for each and every successfully enrolled resident. All you have to do is hand our flier to each resident when they are signing their lease and tell them to call Current Utilities for help with getting their electricity services set up. We really appreciate your referrals to our company that is what makes our company thrive.
• You will have your own personal representative in our company who you can call any time to get any questions answered. Your representative is there to help you!
• All of our customer service representatives are trained to contact the apartment complex as soon as your customer has completed enrollment to provide you with the resident’s electricity account number and what electric provider the tenant chose for your records.
• We will work with you and your new residents to ensure that all aspects of the enrollment are correct. This is a crucial step as new residents may not have fully memorized their new address; and if need be we will go the extra mile and call you to verify the address to ensure a correct electricity connection.

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