Pennsylvania Electricity Deregulation

When did Pennsylvania’s Electric Market Deregulate?

Up until 1997, Pennsylvania was a regulated market, but with the passing of the 1995 House Bill 1509 (also known as the Electricity Generation Customer Choice and Competition Act) Pennsylvania was on their way to consumer energy deregulation. The bill eliminated regional electricity the original electricity providers. This allowed competition to come in and therefore, lower electric rates. Pennsylvania didn’t deregulate all at once but over a few years, form 1997 – 2000 each region became eligible to finally shop around for a new electricity supplier. Since deregulation began in Pennsylvania hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvania residence have been able to save money on their home and business electricity accounts.

Who is eligible for a rate reduction in PA?

As with deregulation, there are often questions from customers as to who they should go through to get a lower electricity rate, this is where Current Utilities comes in. Current Utilities is not an Electricity supplier, we are a broker. What we offer is quite different than just a supplier. We offer protection, security AND a low rate! We go through all of the Suppliers contracts to ensure that you will actually save money when you become a customer with Current Utilities. All quotes are free so just call us at 855-EZ-POWER or click on the Free Quote icon on the right of the page.

Here are some of the benefits they will be able to look forward to:

  • Excellent and timely customer service. Current Utilities set out to ensure that customers are treated as people not profit. We work to minimize hold times (Avg. 45 seconds.) and to ensure that all customer service questions are answered by only highly trained individuals.
  • All of the electricity plans for Texas and Pennsylvania have been vigorously gone through to ensure that all offers are safe and secure.
  • We have a combined 27 years of industry experience so you can trust our knowledge of the market.
  • All of the Retail Electric Providers (REP’s) that we work with have strong financial backings as well as excellent industry ratings.
  • We promise never to use gimmicks or tricks to lure our customers into a “too good to be true” offer as others do.



Mission Statement:

Current Utilities was founded on the belief that people should be treated as people not profit. Our goal is to assist everyone in finding the best and safest options for their electricity needs and continuously uphold excellence in customer service.


*Please Note that by filling out the Current Utilities Refer a Tenant form, you will not begin service. You or your friend will be under no obligation to choose Current Utilities. This is just a free quote to obtain more information bout Current Utilities’ products and services. If you would like to reach us concerning the Refer a Friend Program, please email [email protected] Thank you!


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