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Current Utilities is now offering a refer a friend program that is open to all. This means that you can now refer your friend to Current Utilities for their electricity needs and we will pay you for each new signed up customer and we will find your friend an awesome electricity rate to help them save some serious money! You do not have to be a customer of Current Utilities, Inc. (though you should be a customer of Current Utilities because we are amazing!)




How it works:
To begin, we have set up a simple process, all you do is Click Here and fill out the form with your information and your friends information. Then we will contact them for you, go over the best options for them and then you get paid! Another way to do this, is have your friend call into us and simply say, “Joe Johnson referred me to you for electricity, his phone number is 555-555-5555”. Then we will contact you and get you paid.

Current Utilities is also close to completing a very neat online site that you, the referrer, will be able to log into and see all of your friends who signed up and be able to request your payments right online, but for now, let’s just get started making MONEY!


How you get paid:
To begin, we will be using the simple online friend submission form (Click Here). This will allow you to easily send us your information and your friends information for us to contact. Once we contact your friend and sign them up, you will then get paid!

For each friend that successfully becomes active as an electric customer with Current Utilities, we will pay you $30.00 so if you send five friends that sign up, then you make $150.00. And yes, if you are not a current customer, you can even submit yourself!

Different Methods of payments:
The referring party will have the choice of being paid by Check, Walmart Gift Card or Starbucks Gift Card. Sorry, we don’t mail cash……


The Fine Print:
Payments for referrals will be made for only qualified referrals. To be a qualified referral, that person (the referral) must successfully enroll with Current Utilities on one of Current Utilities electric program and they must become fully active.

Payments will be made on qualifying referrals only and will be paid after two weeks from the date of sign up. If a customer (the referral), within the first 2 weeks, quits, cancels or becomes otherwise non-active, then the referral payment becomes void.

We do require that all payments are recorded as according to the law.

How boring…but hey, its the fine print!


Click Here to Submit a Friend!!!

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