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You are a Resident…
That means that you have LOTS of electric choices!

Current Utilities is an energy broker and our job is to make the decision SAFE and Easy, because you CAN save lots of money by getting a good electricity provider! Even though the idea of switching from your current provider can be overwhelming, we make this simple. Most of our customers save $270 or more annually over their last provider.

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Why Current Utilities?

So why is it better to use a Power Negotiator like Current Utilities over going directly with a Retail Electric provider or a traditional broker? Because we will pair you up with the best and safest energy provider for Your Unique needs. We will never offer a gimmicky or “to good to be true” plan, ever!

The process is Simple!

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We will go through all of your options with you to ensure that you truly save money. You are under no obligation to switch service or start up new service by calling in. Current Utilities does not charge you a single penny for signing up with us.


At Current Utilities we work for you to find the best electricity provider for your needs.There are many benefits to working with a broker to find an energy provider:

•   We have already read through the electricity contracts including all of the fine print to save you time and money. We will find you a safe contract with a good electricity rate (usually fixed) no gimmicks here!
•   We work for you; we offer customer protection to ensure you are always treated fairly and just. All of our contracts with the electricity providers are designed with the customers’ protection in mind.
•   We offer EXCELLENT customer service, no more calling directly to the electric provider if you need some help and waiting on hold for exhausting amounts of time. You’re busy aren’t you? Call us directly and save some time in your day.
•   We have negotiation power with the electric providers we work with; even if you are on a contract with a fixed rate, we often have the ability to negotiate to lower your electric rate mid contract.


Just a few electricity providers we have worked with over the years:

 •  Tara Energy •  Just Energy •  Amigo Energy •  Champion Energy •  Our Energy •  MX Energy •   Ambit Energy •  Stream Energy •  Commerce Energy •  Ciro Energy


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